Mega Trends: Starbucks’ Seasonal Red + Green Cups Over the Decade


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Lack of Sunlight Making You Sad? Plant No Further…

With earlier night falls and shorter days, you may be feeling down in the dumps. No matter how much artificial light you soak up, vitamin D tablets you down, shiitake mushrooms, mackerel, salmon, egg yolks, and cod liver oil you inhale, shaking off the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) blues brought on by fall and winter months can seem nearly impossible.

No sunlight, no problem. Plant your way to pleasant pastures inside the warm confines of your walls.

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‘Glass Ceiling:’ A Rebound Buzzword?

These days, the ‘glass ceiling’ meme is breaking barriers and buzzing its way to the headlines. In my effort to dissect its meaning in context, I’m showcasing ‘Glass Ceiling’ in storytelling mode which highlights the most recent noteworthy clips in politics + business + entertainment. Continue reading

Combat Crohn’s Disease by Toning Your Inner Core

A regular Pilates practice can alleviate inflammatory bowel disease through muscle control.

We mistakenly believe that our emotions and feelings are harbored deep within our hearts, when actually, its our gut within our core, or stomach, that alerts us whenever we feel queasy, sad, nervous, confident or scared. Our intuition is pocketed between our stomach, intestines, transverse colon, and so on. We overlook how interconnected our mind and soul is to the stomach and the guts. Continue reading

The Giraffe Women: Businesswomen Bound by Coils


Hill tribe sterling silver bracelet

On my wrist lies a delicate silver bracelet with a dainty heart clasp the size of  a breadcrumb. It’s been six years since I left Thailand and, at only 300 baht, or roughly nine American dollars, the glimmer still catches the light in all the right places and people still compliment the bright sheen of the lucky charm against my sallow skin. And, I have the Hill tribe women to thank for this special trinket, a distant memory embedded in the depths of my heart. Continue reading