The She-Devil is Real. She’s Probably Your Boss…

The she-devil enters the office. You know because you smell her expensive floral perfume that instantly puts knots in your stomach. Everyone in their cubicles sits up straighter when they get a whiff of her floral wind. She is fierce, nasty, and cold yet lithe, mysterious, and sexy, too.

 An ex-Wall Street baller she means business. She fought her way to the top at Lehman Brothers (with or without claws). Just as you admire her navy knitted St. John pants clad on her famously long legs her Louboutin heel is kicking you straight up the ass.

She means business. In a very real way. She doesn’t have time for excuses. She doesn’t have time for flat tires, parent-teacher conferences, or the sniffles. She pays you to work. So work. She pulled 100 hour weeks, so why can’t you pull 40 hour weeks? Damn you.

She’s not your mentor but she’s here to teach you the hard knock life of being a female in a male-dominated industry. Because she hates it when some male co-worker hurts your feelings. She bashes you for not being thick-skinned. It kills her inside because she actually sees herself in you. Like a harsh mother who favors her sons and holds her daughters to higher standards, tough love is going to force you to grow taller so, you, too, can wear 4 inch Louboutin boots and stand at eye level to your male counterparts, however sexist that may seem. That’s life, she reminds you. Grow some balls (heels).

She’s actually a real person (who has feelings). Despite standing a frighteningly 5’8 and 110 lbs, a Vogue figure to boot, and a serious look, she’s learned to hide her emotions very well. So well that you will never beat her at poker. You broke her heart when you quit her. Luckily, she has the healing mastery down to a tee.

The devil actually wears Herm├Ęs. Want to inherit her wardrobe? Be prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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