Life Stressors Weighing You Down? Try these Pilates Props to Alleviate Back Pain



Versatile, lightweight, low-cost Step Barrel

  • A classic spine corrector, its asymmetrical shape is extremely versatile and appropriate for all body types and sizes
  • A great hip opener and abdominal prop
  • A back pain alleviator, the gentle curve provides support and assistance in more advanced moves, such as the rollover or plow pose (in yoga)

    Halasana, plow pose

    Rollover or Plow Pose

Foam Roller


Cylindrical, high density foam loosens all the muscles for more efficient movements

  • Top three areas requiring foam rolling: IT bands (anywhere on the outside of your leg from the knee up), glutes, quads which are typically the tightest areas from walking, jogging, or running and sitting at the desk without sufficient stretching. Tight hamstrings and hip flexors = lower back pain
  • Improved blood circulation, more efficient exchange of nutrients and wastes products at a cellular level, leads to overall better cellular function and inter-cellular communication
  • Promotion of optimal spinal range of applying deep pressure massage to hip flexors and other ligaments, shortened tissues can be lengthened, preventing physical imbalances that can lead to predisposed muscle injury


    Strengthening of IT bands, glutes, & quads can alleviate lower back pain by loosening the muscles

Magic Circle


Space efficient & transportable, ideal for travel

  • Relieves tension in the neck and helps to avoid gripping or overworking the hip flexors
  • Ideal for isometric training to increase strength at varying joint muscles and supports the weight of the limbs
  • Assists in the isolation and activation of specific muscle groups
Strengthens your hardest-to-get-to areas including pelvic floor muscles & inner thighs

Resistance Bands


Cost-effective prop, modifiable exercises, & total body workout

  •  Increases flexibility in back muscles, tendons, and ligaments to help alleviate back pain by stretching and releasing pressure
  • Controls movements to build stability and increase flexibility
  • Continuous resistance provides a way to stretch all of the back muscles, including the miniscule and large ones, as back pain is often caused  by smaller, unstable muscles that are overlooked

Boost stamina, flexibility, & range of motion


Stability Ball


Swiss ball, or physio ball, rehabilitates lower back, builds core muscles, stabilizes spine

  • Uses proprioception, or an awareness of where one’s hand or foot is in relationship to space which trains the body’s natural awareness and increases balance and stability
  • Small range of spinal movement alleviates pain by stimulating the body to produce increased amounts of natural pain inhibitors
  • Brings movement to the spine in a controlled manner to keep discs nourished by increasing blood flow around disc and causing water to flow in and out of disc

Proper alignment, core stability, muscle strength & endurance


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