Combat Crohn’s Disease by Toning Your Inner Core

A regular Pilates practice can alleviate inflammatory bowel disease through muscle control.

We mistakenly believe that our emotions and feelings are harbored deep within our hearts, when actually, its our gut within our core, or stomach, that alerts us whenever we feel queasy, sad, nervous, confident or scared. Our intuition is pocketed between our stomach, intestines, transverse colon, and so on. We overlook how interconnected our mind and soul is to the stomach and the guts.

Imagine how you feel after eating poisonous seafood and the ill effect it has on your bowels. People affected with Crohn’s disease worry about this side effect all the time and, consequently, life centers around their core.

Your body is a sacred vessel, but at the core of it all, your stomach, is where you harbor deep emotions and vulnerabilities. In Pilates, we are taught to be extra considerate when adjusting a student that involves the touching of the belly, an area that inflicts self-consciousness for many women and men.

On the surface, the benefits of a  regular Pilates practice can shed a student’s tummy flab. More importantly, it will strengthen the deepest abdominal muscles, the transverse abdominis. For Crohn’s disease, the tightening of the deepest inner muscles from within can alleviate the bowel disease symptoms, by exerting control over its triggers.

 Pilates can instill control in the body for Crohn’s sufferers,  but it also offers a host of other benefits…pilates_jpg1_

Trimming the waistline will lesson the symptoms. Pilates + healthy eating habits will zap your abdominal visceral fat in the belly, which is especially prominent in women as their oestrogen levels drop. Visceral fat releases inflammatory substances that are harmful to your blood vessels liver, heart, and other organs. These harmful effects increase the risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and breast cancer.

Pilates is low-impact. It’s easy + gentle + light on your joints, bones, and organs while it strengthens the deep stabilizing muscles to develop a leaner, longer, and stronger body. Since Pilates is a form of resistance training, you’ll continue to burn calories throughout the day, similar to weight training’s caloric fat-burning benefits, except with Pilates you are using your own body weight. With a healthier and stronger body, you’ll ward off the symptoms and recover more quickly from any flare-ups.

The movement exercises from the Pilates repertoire boosts confidence and reinforces a positive body image. I liken Pilates to an artform or rhythmic dance. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can paint a beautiful canvas or choreograph an intricate routine. The sky’s the limit! See yourself in a new light, respect your gut intuition, and stop underestimating your body’s resilience in combating Crohn’s disease.


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