Mega Trends: Top Halloween Costumes of the Decade

2016 Winners: Politics + Pokémon +  Superheroes

2015 Winners: Witches + Superheroes + Star Wars Characters

2014 Winners: More Witches…Think Angelina Jolie Maleficent + The Walking Dead + more Game of Thrones

2013 Winners: All about the Slutty (Errr Sexy)

2012 Winners: Animals + Avengers + Sexy Ties (Think Ted + Fifty Shades of Grey)

2011 Winners: Anything Apple + Black Swan + Popstars

2010 Winners: Avatar + Harry Potter + Mad Men

2009 Winners: Legendary Characters, Human + Mythical 

2008 Winners: Two-Faced Theme, Dark Knight + Barack Obama

2007 Winners: Innocent Miley aka Hannah Montana + Pirates

My personal 2007 favorite Halloween costume is, of course, Heidi Klum’s kitty cat costume!


Heidi Klum @ 8th Annual Green Door Halloween Party


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