What’s Cookin’ for Dinner?

As a follow-up to Sunday’s article, “Fall Foible: Are you Falling Victim to Fatigue,” on vitamins you should be inhaling this fall and winter season to boost your immune system, I decided to fuel my body with a vitamin-packed entrée.

What’s cookin’?

 wasabi salmon + sautéed spinach garlic + Israeli couscous + over easy egg

sea salt + red pepper + black pepper added for flavor.


Vitamin + Cost Breakdown…

Salmon: Vitamin B12 & B6+ Vitamin D + selenium + omega-3 fatty acids  = $5.45, Whole Foods

Spinach: Vitamin A + Vitamin K +Vitamin C + Vitamin E = $1.99, Trader Joe’s

Israeli Couscous: Vitamin A + Vitamin C + Iron + Calcium = $1.99, Trader Joe’s

Large brown egg (Carton of cage free eggs): Vitamin A + Vitamin D = $2.59

Grand Total: *Vitamins A+B+C+D = $12.02

(*Majority consumed)

I don’t believe in counting calories. Substantive meals with plenty of vegetables while maintaining portion sizes for carbs + protein, I’ve found, is the key to weight management and is most practical for everyday living.




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