Broth your Bones to Beautiful

Detoxification. Glowing skin and strong nails. A flat stomach and no bloat. Shiny hair and lush lashes. I’m not talking about spinach + kale juicing your way to jubilance, (and perhaps jitteriness). According to Manhattanite’s most famous desperate housewives, green juicing is passé and bone brothing is the new detox delight. In a quest for a more luminous look and feel, bone “brothers” are replacing their morning Cup O Joe, espresso shot, and chai tea for the simmering liquid that’s sipped or supped in a mug, with savory ginger and tangy flavors good to the very last drop.

As someone who has experimented with prenatal and collagen powder (and duped many times), in hope of achieving that perfect dewy, glowy mommy look without the bun in the oven exchange, my attention was captured. Like a mad alchemist, piqued by this protein potion’s promising health benefits, I delved into research mode to dissect its nutrients and healing ailments. Had my reflection been tricking me all these years after inhaling countless turkey stock broth concoctions in mom’s Cuisinart crock pot? Apparently Mom and Grandma had been light years ahead of Gwyneth Paltrow and her tinseltown mod squad.

Trust your Gut: Broth Does the Body Good

According to a South American proverb, “good broth will resurrect the dead.” The powerful nutrients have been proven throughout the ages to rejuvenate the body + soul from lifeless to awake. So what exactly is slumbering in the magic potion? Let’s find out.


  • Your gut:The minerals in bone broth are easily absorbed by the body and is excellent for “healing and sealing” your gut. A healthy gut is essential for digestive issues, alertness, attention, among many others. See 9 signs you have a leaky gut.
  •  Your immune system: Inhibits infection, so you are less likely to catch a cold or the flu. It also reduces pesky joint pain and inflammation due to powerful amino acids such as glycine, proline, and arginine.
  • Your skeletal system: Promotes strong healthy bones since it contains high amounts of calcium, so you can kiss osteoporosis goodbye and welcome a calmer version of you thanks to magnesium’s miraculous way to heal the mind and  body. Can you breath a long sigh of relief, ahhhhh?
  • Your gorgeous features: Promotes healthy hair and nails through gelatin, which contains collagen that prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, and cottage cheese legs (i.e., cellulite).

Value of Brothing: Buy or DIY?

Last night, I made a pit stop to my local Whole Foods and scanned the entire aisle of organic broths for a whole 10 minutes, only to discover one traditional sipping bone broth available by Pacific. The content was quite simple. Organic turkey stock, onions, rosemary extract and cider vinegar. Just four simple ingredients  for a whopping $5-6 per 1 quart. Well, shoot, even you or I can make that.

Forget the money-hungry Manhattan broth cafes, fancy food trucks, and Whole Foods’ lackluster options. We don’t need to revisit the Paleolithic Era either to do some home cookin’ in a good ol’ Cuisinart crock pot. So let’s get stirrin’ and slurpin.’


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