Holy Basil! How the Herb Balances Holistic Living

organic-india-tulsi-holy-basil-90-veggie-capsulesI’ve been taking Organic India, Tulsi-Holy Basil supplements going on 10 months now. Like millions of Americans I suffered from bouts of anxiety and depression during particular downs in my life. Tired of anti-depressants and medical quick-fixes (i.e., prescription pills), I took my health into my own hands and decided on a more natural approach to treating my anxiety.

I was first introduced to Holy Basil on a whim when I  dropped into a vitamin shop nearby my gym, after a particularly  stressful day at work. I expected to benefit from St. John’s Wort or something equally familiar, but I left, much to my satisfaction, with Tulsi-Holy Basil. One of the vitamin gurus, a patient, middle-aged guy with a calm demeanor and positive aura with luminous skin, I might add, recommended the herb to me in about 10 seconds. He could instinctively feel my inharmonious aura and my own deplorable cry for help solidified his recommendation.

“I’m pissed off all the time,” I expressed with white knuckled fists. “I just snap at the smallest things and I’m stressed out. Can’t you tell?” I pleaded in exasperation.

“Come,” he gestured with a friendly nod, leading me to the anti-stress corner lined with perfectly straight rows of herbal remedies that only a sane and relaxing human being could have stacked and aligned with such careful precision. “I started taking this organic holy basil a few years ago and it’s changed my life.” He could read my skepticism. “Try it. I guarantee you’ll feel calmer and more at peace. You’ll think twice about giving the finger to some jerk who cuts you off in traffic,” he grinned.

“Sounds like a miracle drug. I’ll take it.” A pivotal moment in my life, I was about to embark on my personal journey to becoming a new woman, (well, kind of).

As instructed by the bottle, I religiously gulped 2 capsules a day, once in the morning and once before bed. It didn’t take long for this surprisingly satisfying stuff to start doing its job. I was on cloud 9 in just three days. I let little stupid shit slide. When there was a major accident on the freeway (as there is almost weekly in DC) and, consequently, I missed my exercise class due to the five-minute rule I sighed, “oh well. Shit happens,” instead of flipping out like a maniac and damning the whole world, (actually, mostly just Washington, D.C.).

zenWhen a colleague made a flippant remark one morning, I miraculously kept my lid closed. Stop and think before you speak. My newfound mantra was finally sinking in. A euphoric, a-ha moment! For the first time, I was listening to my intuition and making wiser choices. Positive changes were happening within me. As my physical flexibility was increasing each day in Pilates class, inch by inch, so too was my mental well-being.

Organic India, Tulsi-Holy Basil advertises as both an “anti-stress and anti-aging” herbal supplement. You might think the latter, “anti-aging” is simply a marketing gimmick, but it’s really not. When you stop stressing, both your mental and physical body improves. My skin cleared up without the use of harsh retinoid treatments. My brain fog disappeared. I could see life more clearly. My body aches dissipated. I felt rejuvenated and more energetic. This all amounts to a simple shift in your perspective on life, which can be transformational over time if you are patient and willing to work at it.

By no means am I a holistic practitioner, but try Holy Basil for yourself. Pair it with Pilates or yoga for the most effective relief and the  mind-body connection will help you achieve a little epiphany, too. A-ha! It’s never too late to start living happily!


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