Mega Trends: Top Halloween Costumes of the Decade

2016 Winners: Politics + Pokémon +  Superheroes

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The Giraffe Women: Businesswomen Bound by Coils


Hill tribe sterling silver bracelet

On my wrist lies a delicate silver bracelet with a dainty heart clasp the size of  a breadcrumb. It’s been six years since I left Thailand and, at only 300 baht, or roughly nine American dollars, the glimmer still catches the light in all the right places and people still compliment the bright sheen of the lucky charm against my sallow skin. And, I have the Hill tribe women to thank for this special trinket, a distant memory embedded in the depths of my heart. Continue reading

Cannabis Industry: A budding Career Plant (Path) for Women

Last year, I wrote an Op-Ed promoting the legalization of medical marijuana for patients with terminal illnesses, particularly, those without insurance. After witnessing the positive effects of medical marijuana on cancer patients, I’m a strong supporter of the controversial drug’s medical benefits.

Women Pioneering the Pot Business

Emily Paxhia, Poseidon Asset Management


Her father lost his life to cancer, (and remedied his illness with marijuana). The experience compelled her to spearhead California’s first legal cannabis-focused hedge fund in 2013, Poseidon Asset Management, co-founded with her brother, Morgan.

Their interest in marijuana was twofold: to make money, and to spread knowledge about cannabis from a health, wellness, and environmental standpoint; thereby espousing the benefits of pot and increasing fair and open access for those who would otherwise turn to painkillers, like opioids.

The firm has grown from a portfolio of 11 companies in 2013 up to 27 companies today.

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